Weekly RoundUp (January 25th~29th, 2021)

Jimmy D
9 min readJan 31, 2021

This daily themed series co-hosted by Corey Cottrell and Jimmy D is an effort to bring together the community and what is happening beneath the surface of all things EOSIO and beyond into the broader blockchain and crypto sphere. For a complete overview of all last weeks action simply check below.

BP & Chill Origins

As we are just getting into our daily themed routine and building out cast of the best of the best, and it just so happened that as best we try there will be times when we ourselves cannot go LIVE, we thought for this week it would be nice to sit down like in the old days and have a nice leisurely chat about our intentions for the future BP & Chill episodes. Oh, and because a change of scenery is always pleasant we decided what better place to do this from than a virtual rowboat exploring new previously unrevealed lands within the ‘The Uplift’ Minecraft world.

Tech Talk on a Tuesday with Yves La Rose of EOS Nation

Joined by Yves La Rose of EOS Nation this past week for an action packed episode of epic proportions in terms of content. So much to cover we may have not even got through it all. Luckily though, in this weeks episode of EOS Hot Sauce #90 the EOS Nation team put out a recap. We strongly suggest you check out the complete episode of EOS Hot Sauce this and every week, but for clarity sake, here is a run down from EOS Nation themselves of everything discussed in the episode and more.

PowerUp Model

EOS Nation is currently actively testing the PowerUp model by building tools that allow users to tweak the parameters that will be in place for the deployment phase. Mainstream EOS users are not expected to be impacted by this coming change. Recourse providers, such as wallet developers and block explorers, are following the changes more closely as they will be better able to fine tune their rental costs as the proposed rental period will go from 30 days (REX) to 1 day (PowerUp).

DeFi, flash loans and SX Vault

One of the advantages of building on EOS is the base layer permission set that enables users and applications to easily deploy multi-signature security to their account, which can be very complicated on other blockchains such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. On EOS, these easily implementable security features allow DeFi projects to significantly reduce the security risk.

One of the most popular DeFi projects on EOS, Newdex, recently made a huge shift as a DEX aggregator. The platform will now give access to a deeper pool of liquidity, allowing users to trade across multiple decentralized exchanges and liquidity pools available on EOS.

Flash loans on EOS are even more spectacular. Transactions on EOS follow the first-in first-out approach (FIFO) and block producers cannot reorganize or reorder the transaction flow, which is significantly different than on Ethereum where users need to to pay more gas fees for faster execution and where the miner can still choose which transaction to process, allowing for miners to arbitrage against users on the network (known as “Miner Extractable Value”).

Flash loans on EOS are a source of liquidity that can be accessed by arbitrageurs on the network. Combining the flash loans with a trading strategy could be compared to a sniper that is constantly looking for profitable on-chain opportunities. If such a profitable situation arises, the arbitrageur borrows funds from the flash loan and executes the transaction without having to waste any on-chain resources when a potential arbitrage transaction is not profitable.


Regulated and programmable finance, also known as “ProFi,” will give EOS users even more financial freedom and options. It’s important to note that we don’t think that ProFi will replace DeFi. DeFi has a clear use-case for the segment of the crypto population that wants to retain custody of their assets without having to go through the KYC process. ProFi is a solution that will bridge the gap for the growing segment of the crypto population that does require a regulated approach for their investment needs and strategies. ProFi will leverage the EOS protocol to build a rail for institutional funds and the traditional world legacy systems.

No rush for parallel processing on EOS

While enabling multi-core processing or IBC would certainly bring some positive reactions from the community, the actual increase in technical performance is not currently needed. The EOS Mainnet already handles as many transactions as the network wants to throw at it and, for the last 3 years, Block.one and block producers have been optimizing for single-core performance. When the time comes, and single core performance is fully-optimized, EOS will be able to transition to further multi-core processing capabilities.

Official Links and Supplementary Materials

To catch Yves La Rose with mBlu for a great introduction check out the following video: Yves La Rose First Time Live!!

Also for a brief overview of the EOSX DeFi Portal this EOS Go covers the basics in a simple yet comprehensive manner:

Media Moguls with The New Kids on the Blockchain

We had the pleasure to meet some of the most pleasant, interesting, inspiring, and kind hearted people potentially in the entire space with Wednesday’s episode of Media Moguls featuring the New Kids on the Blockchain.

Diving into all sorts of content relating to blockchain and beyond, Ash & Lisa took us through their journey into crypto from the perspective of documentary film makers and engaging in a combination of things you love as both like minded partners and a couple. It was also a nice surprise to realize that there are a variety of ways and interests towards bringing the power of gratitudes into the lives differing individuals partake and lead.

The New Kids On The Blockchain — A Savage Journey to the Heart of Crypto and ICO Mania’ Documentary

Considering all that has happened since, they are currently in the process of researching and putting together a second documentary dealing with the DeFi explosion on blockchain which should be finalized and released sometime before the end of the year.

Find us and a variety of others on the New Kids on the Blockchain message board / interactive social thread utilizing deWEB on the EOSIO blockchain and get rewarded for all your interactions: https://community.nedwkidsontheblockchain.com/NEWKIDS/profile/kansaikrypto

And as promised, here is the Guided Morning Meditation the New Kids on the Blockchain mentioned in the #gratitudes part of our episode.

And don’t forget to follow, like, subscribe, and whatever else all these social platforms expect of you to keep informed and updated on the the progress of the New Kids current DeFi documentary and their weekly broad crypto updates.

EOSIO Weekly Update with Bonz Manifest of Prospectors.io

As always Thursday is always quite intense for us as we come at you with our two pronged full written EOSIO Weekly Update post complete with a collection of the most important published articles, Twitter sentiments, podcasts and videos, and general updates from both us and some of our closest partners in the space alongside the daily themed video.

As for the video we discuss all the craziness behind the Elon Endorsement Effect attributing to a 20% Bitcoin pump, Old Man’s #BullishonEOS recent telegram drop complete with all the colorful language, and of course dive in to our Boomtown Prospectors land with Bonz Manifest for a crash course in how to do the most pressing things to get the Uplifters Alliance on par with how best to succeed over the coming month and a half

For any out there interested in lending the Uplifters Alliance a helping hand in Prospectors Boomtown Land check out this brief introduction we recently published on how to get involved.

NFT Game Day with recourier of Crypto Monkeys

CryptomonKeys is a freely distributed, community-driven, meme-rich digital trading card series based on NFT technology, here to disrupt the meme economy.

Launched September 19th, 2020 by co-founders SoggyApplePie and bantano, both core team members of the BANANO cryptocurrency project, CryptomonKeys are freely distributed digital trading cards, minted as NFTs on the WAX blockchain.

CryptomonKeys team member Recourier joined us this week to give us a rundown of all goods including the series, the back story, the underground artistic lore, the distribution mechanics, charity affiliations, and honestly, updates on a few things we didn’t even know he was involved in. Check out the video above for the full scoop as well as the links below.

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