EOSIO Weekly Update (1.28.2021)

Jimmy D
8 min readJan 26, 2021


Hello everyone, and welcome back to another episode of EOSIO Weekly Update.

This week Corey Cottrell and Jimmy D will be joined once again by Bonz Manifest of Prospectors. As those who follow us regularly are aware, EOSIO Weekly Update on Thursday consists of a two pronged approach whereby we launch a post containing all the important articles, social sentiment, videos, and updates we feel are relevant from across the EOSIO space. In addition, we follow this post up with a live appearance with a guest to delve into something that we feel is worthy. This week that topic just so happens to be the ‘Uplifters Alliance’ in the Prospectors Eagle Boomtown. If you are a member of our alliance this is one your gonna wanna catch, and if not, well, we always got more room for those of like mind that may wanna jump on in with us in the rush for gold before all are driven out from the harsh winter cold.

As always, tune in below for all the goods regarding our alliance strategy and continue on beneath for all the regular Thursday EOSIO Weekly featured content from across various avenues in the space.

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EOSIO Weekly Prospectors Uplift Alliance


As many of you are likely aware, the first Boomtown on the Prospectors game has launched. Knowing how difficult it is to be new and wanting so much to both have and lend in a helping hand, EOSIO weekly has decided to band together with Bonz Manifest, those over on the Prospectors Chirp channel, and those interested in helping out from the Uplift and other communities across the EOSIO space in an effort to jump into the game and have a little fun.

If you are new, no problem at all. For this one it is all about learning and comradery. Should you want to join us on this Boomtown mission the process is quite simple.

If you don’t have a WAX account, you’ll need one of those. Just head on over to the WAX.io homepage at https://on.wax.io/wax-io/, click on ‘Create a Wallet’ and follow some of the simplest instructions in blockchain and crypto.

“It’s as simple a ‘plug and play’ as blockchain can get. In fact, the only real difference from creating a WAX Cloud Wallet account than any other mainstream non-blockchain based registration or application on the Internet is that you must be sure to save the details given like the password, recovery phrase, and 2FA (optional) as if you happen to lose it, WAX will not be able to help you reset it. In other words, make sure all information that is included in the registration is carefully copied down and/or stored off of your computer somewhere safe even if on a portable USB so you never lose access to your account” (Exploring Strange New World’s in WAX.io).

Next you’ll want to connect with our team on the Prospectors Chirp channel (https://chirp.la/channels/Prospectors). We also have an Uplifters Alliance telegram channel that you can join in order to stay up to date with what the game plan for the alliance is (https://t.me/upliftersalliance). Of course, even if you don’t want to be a part of our team you are all welcome in either of these locations, but this will be the place where we rally our thoughts and intentions from.

You will also need to sign into the Prospectors game. The process is quite easy and can be accomplished in a couple of clicks.

Simply head on over to https://prospectors.io/, click on ‘Choose Server’ or scroll down to the the ‘Choose Your Land’ section and select ‘EAGLE’

Next, choose ‘Play Game’ and login with your preferred wallet. Whatever wallet this happens to be you will be prompted to sign a transaction from within your wallet. Please make sure you read the transaction and understand what you are signing.

Now that you are in there are plenty of things you can do. Most importantly however, should you wish to join the ‘Uplifters Alliance’ simply click on the handshake icon (top right), select the ‘…’ next to the alliance name, and click on ‘Join’ when prompted.

You can find some of our people by heading over to the Chirp Channel or the telegram channel set up for the Uplifters Alliance Prospectors Alliance members.

Although there is quite a bit more that we will be working towards walking you through, for now this should be good enough to get you going. Looking forward to seeing you all in game and making this the best gosh darn Prospecting Alliance that has ever been envisioned and implemented ;D

Uplift.Art Collectibles & The Uplift

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Considering all that is going on with this new found bull and in the EOSIO space in general, there is a lot of content for us to cover in our five new themed episodes this week. Here is what you can look forward to next.

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