Weekly RoundUp w/ Corey Cottrell & Jimmy D (2.1~2.5, 2021)

This daily themed series co-hosted by Corey Cottrell and Jimmy D is an effort to bring together the community and what is happening beneath the surface of all things EOSIO and beyond into the broader blockchain and crypto sphere. For a complete overview of all last weeks action simply check below.

BP & Chill: Aaron Cox of Greymass

This week we are excited to welcome for the first time ever to the show an almost fan favorite in the space, Greymass. “Greymass is an organization built to facilitate the growth of distributed ledger technologies and the infrastructure powering them.” Studying and participating in decentralized ecosystems allows Greymass the ability to build viable solutions improving these systems for all users who may wish to themselves use and participate in them.

The Greymass business model is built upon funding mechanisms built into blockchains themselves. Some of the better known solutions and community outreach mechanisms include the EOSIO based Anchor wallet, Greymass fuel service, the EOSIO signing request protocol (ESR), and the Coffee with Greymass Podcast.

Co-founder of Greymass Aaron Cox has worked on building a number of blockchain technologies such as wallets, block explorers, and product prototypes. As a software & systems developer currently working on a number of distributed ledger technologies with existing web tech, one of the most prominent being the Anchor wallet which since airing this episode has seen a rather major update. ​


And for those that want to dive into more of a tech perspective, be sure to check out the previous chat with Aaron Cox and John Heeter on Boidcast from mid June 2020.

Tech Talk on a Tuesday with Adrian Krion

This week we welcomed back Adrian Krion, Founder of Chainwise Group and CEO and Co-founder of Spielworks, a leading blockchain gaming startup responsible for the launch of Womplay gaming-rewards platform which enables a simple plug and play from Wombat wallet for gamers to earn real crypto rewards for both blockchain and non-blockchain games.

Not only is it always a pleasure and joy to be joined by Adrian, but it is a real learning experience on so many levels. It is always exciting to hear the developers take on the blockchain affiliated products we immerse ourselves in daily, and especially valued to hear Adrian’s take as one thing in common with everything he is involved in is so comfortable and easy to use it is slightly out of the box from the common agnostic blockchain and crypto perspective.

Also, if you happened to miss the first time Adrian joined us on EOSIO Weekly Update to give a rundown of Spielworks, Wombat, and Womplay, it is well worth a playback.

Media Moguls with Ash of the NFT Army

This week for Media Moguls we are happy to welcome Ash, who will be introducing us to and explaining the impetus behind the NFT Army. Essentially the NFT Army consists of just shy of 1,000 keen soldiers that always seem to be on duty and at your service. Apparently keen soldiers to do your dirty work. Available for hire 24/7 and with the mindset of no job too small to promote and work for rations (NFTs), we are pretty excited to dive in and hear all about what this community organization looks like from the inside. Oh, and just because that is kinda what we do, surely there will be some Uplift World updates and the potential for some pretty cool NFT drops to a majority of you…

EOSIO Weekly Update Featuring Chaney Moore

As always Thursday is always quite intense for us as we come at you with our two pronged full written EOSIO Weekly Update post complete with a collection of the most important published articles, Twitter sentiments, podcasts and videos, and general updates from both us and some of our closest partners in the space alongside the daily themed video.

As for this week’s Livestream, Corey Cottrell and Jimmy D are super excited to welcome first time guest to the show but no stranger to the EOSIO space in general to be sure, Chaney Moore. Although we are not sure if it is possible to have not heard of him, just in case, Chaney could be said to be a true OG in the EOS space with many appearances and guest hosting gigs on some prominent shows such as Everything EOS and the now retired EOS Radio. In addition, Chaney has advised or been a part of many projects, most notably in recent times CryptoWriter (formerly known as EOSWriter) where he is the CBO.

NFT Game Day with John Connor of Upland.me

This week on NFT Game day Corey and Jimmy D will be joined by John Conner of Upland. Upland for those that might not know is a blockchain real estate based game allowing players to buy, sell, and trade virtual properties that are actually mapped to the real world. Upland allows players to become digital landowners, build properties, start business, create landmarks, travel between various cities, and in the process earn UPX tokens as a reward. Just like in the real world, properties mapped in the game can be owned forever through guarantee of Upland’s blockchain framework and technology. Catch the playback to to learn side by side with us as we explore all that Upland has to offer.

UpLifters Upland Referral entitles you to a one time bonus: https://r.upland.me/Avcm

Special thank you to our friends over at EOS Go

This week, EOS Go was kind enough to donate 2 Rare and 1 Legendary special Yves La Rose NFT cards to be given away for NFT Game Day LIVE this weekend on our special Weekly RoundUp edition. For more on this series with some pretty unique drop mechanics and gamification entitling the holder of this card to 3 more weekly drops with a mathematically probability metric for rarities, check out the original EOS Go post below. And to see if you or anyone you know won, tune into the LIVE version of this week’s Weekly RoundUp.

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