Week In Review (11.7~11.13)

Jimmy D
8 min readNov 14, 2021


Hello everyone, and welcome back to another of Week In Review.

Over the years there are quite a number of projects I have become involved with or associated with, both in an official capacity as well as on a volunteer basis. One of the first of these was actually what has now become known as Loop. In fact I used to post quite extensively on here on quite a large variety of topics ranging from blockchain & cryptocurrency, history, philosophy, education, and a plethora of other things. In all truth I would like to think that many of these are actually still at least partially relevant.

For the most part these days considering how much I am writing and doing media coverage in an official capacity, I lost the ability to keep up with regular postings of that magnitude. For when I say extensive that is no exaggeration, and you will understand a little farther down, as I have a plan to throw some throwback articles into the mix of these now as well. As for what these Week in Review posts will represent, well, quite simply, they will be compiled of content that has taken place in the past week that I have had a direct hand in. A weekly roundup and showcase if you will of my life at any given time in the space. I hope you can all find something of interest each and every week below that will enable you to get the most out of this space we collectively reside in.

Here then in the most chronological way possible is that list for you to peruse at will…

The Upliftlift World Gratitude Estate Sale UpDate

This week kicked off with an update and jaunt around the Estate Sale area inside The Uplift World. Some nice views inside this little corner of our metaverse that in part, are still relevant for any that are still considering picking up one of the few still available estates or a random smaller piece of land available on our Neftyblocks drop page.

The Boardwalk @ Exit 81

It was an honor and a pleasure to be able to sit down with NFTerraMike and dive into what amazing things art wise the Jumbie Art team is supporting in the real world and how they are planning on bridging that with their Genesis plot in The Uplift World.

Warrior Legends’ NiftyDom

Another fascinating project in the NFT gaming space represented in the Uplift World, this coverage of NiftyDom was actually set in motion by being in metaverse at the Jumbie Art plot above. Jumping across the tracks for a quick wander around, I knew we needed to get this amazing build and the project it is dedicated to out there for the community to see and interact with as soon as we could.

Monday Morning Chill

Monday’s are always a great to day to chill, and sometimes you just gotta touch base with those and the the things you love most. It might just be the chillest morning you’ll have all week, and what better way to spend it than w/ the UpLifters?!?

Although sometimes we do entertain guests, at other times Corey Cottrell & I simply use this weekly 9am weekly morning kickoff to touch base with each other and the growing community of those that support us in the projects we are involved with or support.

The Maple Glazed Jerky Chronicles (Vol. 15)

One of the weekly regular shows I began doing some time ago on theUpLifters network is a collaborative with the Nasty Hooks, a comedy duo that often host regular shows in a variety of discord channels and other places. Recently they have even made a few metaverse appearances across the space. If you want to get the gist of what they are really about, check out The Nasty Hooks Live at the Rave Cave in Shippletopia. It’s a fun one.

That aside, The Maple Glazed Jerky Chronicles was born out of the idea that we would get together once a week on Monday evening and do show about whatever happened to come up while wandering around and building on our Maple Glazed Jerky Chronicles Community Plot inside the Gratitude sector of the Uplift World Metaverse. It’s interesting because I get to let loose a little from my serious interview self and The Nasty Hooks get to hang out and do their thing without having to be in full production mode. It’s also cool cause we do have some of the community whitelisted to the plot, so together we just run around, build stuff, and talk about whatever mad things happen to come up.

Tech Talk on a Tuesday

Tech Talk on a Tuesday was the first of Corey and my themed Tuesday shows. As the name suggests, besides quite possibly being the best named tech show on the Internet, it is our attempt to bring to the the fore those in the space of a highly technical caliber to connect with all those users and abusers of that tech which they work so hard to create.

Last week we were fortunate enough to welcome Douglas Butner, visionary and creator of the cXc.world, a project/map displaying local music from everywhere. In reality this is just one of the many things he has been working towards in the space, but hey, it’s important to start somewhere and this seemed to be that place.

In addition to the above, we actually did follow through with putting up Douglas Butner’s WEB 4 MANIFESTO: AWAKENING THE GEOTEMPORAL GRID on WhereWeHideAllTheAplpha.com, so for those that are interested in deeper notions of how technology and society can and will orient themselves for the betterment of both individuals and mankind in general, I highly recommend you check it out at the link above.

The Grim Folks Haunted Castle Estate

As one of the early builds in the Gratitude sector of the Uplift World, the Grim Folks crew has been working tirelessly on creating a home for their unique NFT line. It is a really cool survival build with some varied aspects that all tie together quite nicely well worth taking the time to check out.

Media Moguls

This week we hosted Carlos Estrada, otherwise known as Coin Vigilante. The episode consisted of two parts, the first of which was devoted to getting to know Carlos and his ongoing kickstarter campaign, and the second focused on introducing him to The Uplift World. Both some interesting concepts and great vantage points from within our metaverse in this one.

The Jumbie Art NFT Portal Launch Party

One of our weekly pop up episodes this week revolved around the early morning run down of the NFT Portal Launch Party happening live on location in Las Vegas. You might recognize the Jumbie Art name from above embedded within The Boardwalk @ Exit 81 article. When NFTerraMike told us that he was going to have a real live gratitude wall and some people actually building inside The Uplift World live on location at the first ever portal launch they were planning, we couldn’t resist having him on the show to get the rundown previous to the event.

The Edge

Another regular show I do on a weekly basis is my friend Sean Ballent of Cryptowriter. This one takes place at 10 am EST on Thursday’s and is streamed only to Twitch on the Cryptowriter network. This past week’s focus involved some updates on The Crunks, The Uplift World Gratitude Estate Sale, some recent news and events in the EOS space, what to expect from Underground, and more.


NFT Game Day

This past week for NFT Game Day we had the privilege of welcoming Manas of NFT Stonkers, a project breaking boundaries when it comes to enabling those that may not otherwise be able to participate in certain aspects of the blockchain ecosystem an easily accessible and more affordable way to do so.

The Throwback Loop

As previously mentioned, I thought it would be interesting to revisit an article curated in the past. It should go without saying that not everything may in these pieces may still hold true, but for me it is an important part of my journey in being where I am today in this space and I’d like to think that others may find this of interest as well. This week then, I thought I would start with the first ever perspective piece involving blockchain piece I ever wrote. It really is quite phenomenal to think that not only was this little piece just a little over 3 years ago to the day on what is now Loop was where my journey began, but how much that resonates within the foundational core still applies when it comes the projects that I have been and am still involved with in the space.

As for what is up and coming this week, well, we do have a whole host of pretty sweet guests lined up for our regular scheduled daily 9am EST Monday to Friday shows on theUpLifters as well as plenty more articles in the pipeline showcasing amazing builds in The Uplift World Metaverse. In addition, I’m also hosting Daniel Keyes on the GenPool Spotlight series I host, and will likely be guest hosting or appearing on a couple other channels with friends of mine throughout the space. Hit the follow button below so you are sure not to miss the rundown of all this and more on the next Jimmy D’s Week In Review.

And of course thank you all for jumping in and working your way through these of the above that interested you. We are always looking to add to our guest list from new and interesting projects in the space, so if you know of or are a part of any that you would like to see covered, please do let me know in the comments below.

Until that time again then, do take care of yourselves and have the best experience ever that could possibly be.

Jimmy D

*This piece is a replica post of the one originally done here