The Great Uplift World Genesis Sector Land Rush Probe Event

Jimmy D
7 min readApr 21, 2021


Hello Uplifters, and welcome back for another exciting update to our latest upcoming event ;D

The first Uplift World Genesis Sector probe event is fast approaching us, and although in theory it is really quite simple, we understand that there may be varying levels of understanding when it comes to such things as Minecraft and Uplift World event mechanics. So, for this reason consider this post and the attached videos your guiding principle to understanding all that you need to know to make the most out of this event.

What is a Probe, and How do they Work?

As most of you by now likely know, theUplift.World is a WAX blockchain Minecraft enabled Metaverse broken into various sectors and based upon the principles of gratitude. Within this then comes various land (and rail) parcels that have certain attributes for development, some of which are granted to various projects and others up for grabs by the community that has participated in our past Land & Rail NFT Key events.

This initial probe event will target the Genesis Sector map specifically; a map that was instrumental in the initial phases of getting this whole concept of the sectored metaverse off the ground and into the phases of reality. Although there is a more detailed post in the works regarding the Genesis Sector, for the purpose of this article it is worthwhile to note that this is one of various sectors and is defined specifically as a creative world whereby projects of note were gifted land for their communities and the surrounding land (and rail) is open for those that have picked up the associated NFT’s to favor in developing.

In fact, although everyone who has picked up these Land Key NFT’s will be eligible for a small section of land in whichever sector this Key after redeemed has stated, those with GENESIS LAND KEYS at this time have the option with probes to target land they perceive is most valuable to them and their ambitions in the Genesis Sector.

So whether you want to have an adjacent piece of Land to a rail or in the midst of the presence of a project you adore and want to be closer to, or even just want to find a deserted island in the middle of the sea that looks good for whatever your creative aspirations may be, then this probe event is for you.

Again to clarify, although the probe is not necessary to get access to the development rights of some land in the Genesis Sector, what the probe allows for is the chance to select that available and valid piece of Land that is most desirable to them personally.

Where do the Probes Come From?

First off, please note that the probes will all be airdropped to all eligible accounts very soon, and in plenty of time for the probe event itself. As for the origin of the probes, well, in the same manner of pretty much everything that we have done over here in the Uplift realm thus far, the probes will be connected to the perpetual rewards that are the Genesis NFT’s. You can find all the relevant information on homepage, but here for your convenience you can review with the image below.

Where the Hell can I put my Probe?

Well, first of all, it is completely opposite of where you may be thinking. In all seriousness though, probes are only being accepted for use within the GENESIS Land Key distribution event. In fact, just to be sure everyone is on the same page on this one, and has an equal opportunity to at least participate in the chance to get whatever land may be choicest to them, Uplift Greg has compiled a short video tutorial going through how you are able to strategically make sure you are best able to get a probe in the land you want on the Genesis map for this first ever event of it’s kind.

This video then should detail answers to all your questions including how to find the map for the Genesis sector, which plots are available for probing (as not everything on that sector map is), and even gives an outline checklist of how best to optimize this experience and get the a probe in the land you want.

So in short,

  1. Make sure the land plot (in Genesis) that you wish to throw a probe at is available to be probed,
  2. Write down any and all of the coordinates that you want in that sector ahead of time, and check it on the map to ensure time is not wasted when it counts during the rush

The Great Genesis Probe Deployment

As mentioned, previous to the event itself all probes will have been sent out to the targeted accounts based upon those combination of NFT’s held within each account. Now, being as these are in themselves NFT’s, there is nothing stopping anyone from either listing or buying more on the open market. This is one of the many prerogatives and beautiful benefits of having NFT’s in the first place. That said, the next step will be the land rush itself. To walk you through exactly how this aspect will look, please check out the following demo video for all the pre-emptive goods.

So, as you can see with this video, just about every possible circumstance has been built in, and in fact, the design of this probe event is such that it seems that even if certain things have not been pondered, the design is so good that all should be covered.

Especially useful actually seems to be the fact that everything on the back end is all programmed in to such an extent that even should you have your eye on a probe location that is aka ‘out of bounds’, that no matter how hard you try, it will be impossible to send your probe to that location.

One important factor however that you may wish to think about is the sheer number of probes out there that could possibly be sent to any given location. Remember, once these probes have been sent to the desired location they will burn up upon entry into the system and be removed from the blockchain forever, and it will be only the first one to reach final destination that will be awarded rights to that Land Key NFT.

Of course there may be random outlier situations where by one utilizes too many probes (i.e. that for some reason they do not have the rights to that many Land Key NFT’s), or even someone has the right to that Land Key NFT but did not have or deploy any probes. But rest assured, this has all been thought about, so please be confident that no matter what all those who possess those Land Key NFT’s will get one piece of Land (or water) within the Genesis realm by default. And just to double check the specifics and re-assure yourself, maybe just go back and watch at the very least that last video again.

Probing for More

With the above short but sweet video tutorials on the topic, and this generalized piece to compliment and tie them together, everyone out there should have a grasp on how all this will work and the things they need to know to best prepare. Should you have any questions please do feel free to ask in any of our official channels below, or even jump onto one of our many livestreams on ‘The UpLifters’ Network and ask away. As always, all those bright souls that are there day in and day out will do their best to amplify to you all assurances that understand correctly, and everything across the spectrum will be ok. That said, don’t be surprised to have this piece (or the associated videos) referenced if the answer to that question was contained within. We hope that you do not take offense, but it is exactly these kinds of questions that were anticipated and why these were compiled in the first place. And of course, please do share these around as the more you share, the better all out there will be able to understand and prepare.

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