EOSIO Weekly UPDATE Featuring Chaney Moore

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another episode of EOSIO Weekly Update.

For this week’s Livestream, Corey Cottrell and Jimmy D are super excited to welcome first time guest to the show but no stranger to the EOSIO space in general to be sure, Chaney Moore. Although we are not sure if it is possible to have not heard of him, just in case, Chaney could be said to be a true OG in the EOS space with many appearances and guest hosting gigs on some prominent shows such as Everything EOS and the now retired EOS Radio. In addition, Chaney has advised or been a part of many projects, most notably in recent times CryptoWriter (formerly known as EOSWriter) where he is the CBO.

As always, don’t forget to also tune in below for all the goods regarding the regular Thursday EOSIO Weekly featured content from across various avenues in the space.

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Coming Up On with Corey Cottrell & Jimmy D

Considering all that is going on with this new found bull and in the crypto space in general, there is a lot of content for us to cover in our five new themed episodes this week. Here is what you can look forward to next.

Friday, February 5th

Monday, February 8th

Tuesday, February 9th

Wednesday, February 10th

Weekly Round Up

In addition, every weekend we have put together a brief Weekly RoundUp post of the last weeks videos and included new and relevant information alongside the links to the video recap. If you missed it you can check out last weeks roundup below.

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With both this weeks semantics and mechanics out of the way then, do keep it real and happy trails skipping down the blockchain road to new and exciting future destinations ;D



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