EOSIO Weekly Roundup (January 11~16, 2021)

Jimmy D
5 min readJan 16, 2021


EOSIO Weekly is a series co-hosted by Corey Cottrell and Jimmy D in an effort to bring together the community and what is happening beneath the surface of all things EOSIO and the broader crypto space.

Although this week was a little shorter than most being our first, we still wanted to put out a weekly synapsis for those who might have not yet had the chance to tune in.

Wednesday, January 14th


Special thanks this week to Anders of anyobservation.com for jumping on into enlighten us on our first ever both Media Moguls and new rebranded daily feature episode.

One of our all time favorites in the space when it comes to such things as NFT’s, gaming, and WAX.io, this is an episode you’ll surely want to watch back if you too are interested in such things. We had a great time discussing the recent NFT release boom on WAX, land sales and NFT based gaming, the new WAX Cloud Wallet enhanced with DeFi options via a bridge to Ethereum, and much much more.

In addition Anders also gave us a rundown on his recently released opinion piece on value within the WAX NFT space that is well worth checking out first hand.

We also recommend you check out his amazing introduction to the new and improved DeFi enabled WAX Cloud Wallet.

Find more on Anders on YouTube, Twitter, and Medium.

Thursday, January 14th

Our regular episode of EOSIO Weekly was a little irregular in that our guest Gavin had some unexpected personal emergency that prevented him to be able to log on and join us. Nothing major, so no need to worry as all is sorted itself out now. We are already in the process of rescheduling.

As they say in the business though, regardless, the show must go on. So do check out the full EOSIO Weekly recap post below as it is chalked full of all our research from the week including feature long form releases from various projects, key moments on Twitter, some premium video links, Uplift.Art and ‘The Uplift’ updates, and a general rundown of our new rebranding and evolution.

As for the live stream, Corey and Jimmy D went back to the old school format whereby they dove into some commentary on some of the most pressing events of the past week, as well as some ideologies around the EOSIO and crypto blockchain spaces in general.

Friday, January 15th

Vancity Outbreak is a graphic novel that uses real actors and real locations. Telling stories via stunning visuals attained by composing the photographs, the result is a truly unique style that pushes the boundaries of storytelling.

Special thanks to Stephane Bisson of EOS Nation for dropping in to share with us everything that is going on with the Vancity Outbreak Episode 2 release on January 16th, 2021.

For more check in with the official Vancity Outbreak site at https://whiplashcomics.io/ and follow breaking news on the Vancity Outbreak Twitter account at https://twitter.com/whiplashnews247

To keep up to date with all the latest NFT releases on WAX.io be sure to head on over to the NFT Release Calendar hosted by EOS Nation at https://eosnation.io/nft-release-cale... For more on EOS Nation check their homepage at https://eosnation.io/

As mentioned in the show, if you want to connect with EOS Nation in their virtual worlds, check out the following links:

Crypto Voxels: https://www.cryptovoxels.com/play?coords=N@379W,584S

Cryptovoxels dotGems Gallery

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