EOSIO Weekly (October 22, 2020)

Welcome to the very first official episode of EOSIO weekly.

In this show co-hosts Corey and Jimmy D plan to go through some of the most pressing events in the EOSIO space of the week and usually get lost in the process. As this is the first one we are still ironing out a few of the details, however keep a look out for some fun and exciting adaptations we have been tossing around in the background and will be implementing sometime in the very near future.

EOSIO Weekly will take place live at 9:00 am EST most every week so for those that wish to listen in your more than welcome. For those that would like to have a say or drop us some features that you think might be of interest please do so on our EOSIO Weekly Chirp channel at https://chirp.la/channels/EOSIOweekly

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