EOSIO Weekly Featuring WAX NFT Guru Anders Björk of Anyobservation.com

In this weeks episode Corey and Jimmy D are joined by Anders, otherwise known from his ‘anyobservation’ tag on a variety of platforms throughout the space, to dive deep into the world of NFT’s on WAX and EOS. It is a super fun episode for anyone interested in NFT’s, what is presently hot, and of course why you should care when it comes to this amazing advancement in both the collectibles and utility space both on and off the blockchain.

Check out Anders on his homepage at anyobservation.com. Also find him on YouTube, Twitter, and Medium.

For those new to digital collectibles in the form of NFT’s, check out What Is an NFT? for a brief rundown.

Alien Worlds: https://alienworlds.io/

Blankos: https://blankos.com/

Dark Country: https://darkcountry.io/

Tribal Books: https://tribalbooks.io/

Blockchain Heroes: https://blog.bcheroes.com/

Topps GPK on WAX: https://topps.wdny.io/

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For those interested in the Uplift.art ”I’m Not the Bubble’ Series One Drop event, participation in future giveaways and the main event will require access to a WAX account. Don’t worry though, as it is one of the easiest on-boarding to blockchain you will ever experience. Check the following for more:

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