EOSIO Weekly: Featuring Special Guest Host mBlu Crypto of Uplift.Art

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another episode of EOSIO Weekly where Corey and Jimmy D try their damndest to at least get through some of the news before welcoming in more of what some would call a specialist. Not this week though, cause hey, part of the beauty about managing your own show is you can kinda do whatever you want!!

Seriously though, in an effort to keep things fresh and just because it’s been an all around incredible week in EOSIO and crypto land, this week will tailor our focus from the broad to the narrow and focus on the most exciting aspects such as Bitcoin, EOS DeFi, Music Videos and NFT’s, as well as a few randoms thrown in for good measure along the way. Oh, and top it all off our special guest this week will be more of a trilogy for the whole of the episode, cause hey, when you get an audience with a guy like mBlu, why the hell not?!?

Featured News

2 new tokens launching in Chirp channels yet again. The platform hosts about 10 different projects at present and now welcomes PGL in the Prospectors channel and VIG to the Vigor channel in the fray. Stay tuned for the release of a full article outlining all the smaller details of the tokens on Chirp in the coming days!

DeFi: Flash Loans on EOS: EOS Nation and EOS Asia team up to bring the new DeFi portal on EOSX the SX Vault featuring flash loans and the ability to put EOS into the system for yield.

For those unfamiliar with the EOSX DeFi Portal, simply stated it collects all EOS based DeFi projects in one place making “it easy to discover yield farming opportunities. You can easily compare which projects are audited, open sourced, and secured by MSIG. It’s a great place to start to learn more, but always do your own research.” Vaults is the third addition to the page and something it appears no one in the EOS or broader space has been able to previously achieve due to both design and technical componentes.

A Live AMA with DeFis Network took place last week in the GenerEOS telegram channel as the first of a two part joint AMA series beginning with the GenerEOS team asking the questions. Although still in tact in the GenerEOS telegram channel, a cleaned up version was released as part of the GenPool Spotlight Series here.

In addition the second part of the series will take place in the DFS telegram group on December 22, 2020 whereby questions will be asked to and answered by members of the GenerEOS.io team. Tune into the GenerEOS and DeFis Twitter accounts for more details regarding exact time and procedure.

Brendan Blumer comes out to make some iconic bull market tweets.

Gaming on the EOS Blockchain: A Full Review

A detailed overview of some of the most popular games on the EOS blockchain such as Prospectors, Upland, Blankos, Chain Clash, EOS Racing, Crypto Sword & Magic, and Crypto Dynasty, as well as another look at Womplay and the upcoming Boid game.

Now Live: deadmau5 NFTs on WAX!

What is an NFT?

Uplift.Art ‘I’m Not the Bubble’ Series One Drop Update

The prosperity pricing for the recent Uplift.Art Series One has ended so the next phase of getting the charity funds to Haitian Roots for the food drive can begin. With the generous help of the community Uplift.Art was able to raise upwards of $30,000 from the event for the cause, which will primarily go towards provision of one square meal a day for school children in Haiti.

Don’t worry though cause the fun for this series is far from over. Next up on our the list of goodness will tackle the previously unanswered question of what to do with all those promotional community crates sent out in anticipation of the ‘I’m Not the Bubble’ Series One main event. Check out all the details and prepare yourselves for Uplift Moon Day below.


EOSIO Weekly

And don’t forget, every week you can interact with EOSIO Weekly on Chirp at https://chirp.la/channels/EOSIOweekly by dropping news stories you think worthy of coverage and a chance for some sweet Chirp Tips and other goodness depending upon the time and our mood.

Check out some of our past episodes: Featuring Danny of Dark Country, Featuring Adrian Krion of Wombat, Featuring WAX NFT Guru Anders Bjork of Anyobservation, Featuring John Heeter of Boid.com, Featuring Jacques Whales of Discussions App, Featuring mBlu Crypto of Uplift.art, and of course where it all began with Episode One.

Don’t forget to tune in next week as we continue on the path towards perfection in our relay of the key news and issues to fine tune in the EOS and EOSIO space.



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