EOSIO Weekly Featuring Jacques Whales of Discussions App

In this weeks episode Corey and Jimmy D continue our mission of getting through the top news stories in the EOSIO space, have time to delve into a little perspective and banter about our thoughts concerning the space, and are joined by Jacques Whales of Discussions App for a summery on nitty gritty on all that is going down on recent updates to Discussions App and within the community as the battle between EOS and EOSIO heats up and sentiment for Block.One begins to wane. In addition, a few little tidbits about the new Series One Uplift.Art Drop featuring our very own Corey Cottrell’s ‘I’m Not the Bubble’ are released and even a few random NFT crates given out to those that tuned in live.

EOSIO News & Links

Telos Swaps 2.0 Launched: https://tswaps.medium.com/telos-swaps-2-0-launched-c27133134442

Telos Launches New Gig Economy on the Blockchain: https://cointelegraph.com/news/telos-launches-new-gig-economy-platform-on-the-blockchain

Vancity Outbreak graphic novel in association with Whiplash comics utilizing real actors through the medium of camera to create stunning visuals released their graphic novel as an NFT series on WAX (https://eosnation.io/https-eosnation-io-eos-hot-sauce-79/)

Mythical Games Brings Digital Scarcity to Gaming: https://eos.io/news/mythical-games-brings-digital-scarcity-to-gaming/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=builtoneosio&utm_content=mythical

Boid’s Tesla NFT Offering Additional Boid Power Bonus to Holders Auction Continues: Boid Breaches Barriers Offering the First NFT on EOS with Real Utility

Upland Launches Spark, An In Game Staking Resource with a Variety of Potential Applications: Spark: The Resource for Building — How Building in Upland will Work

EOSX Adds More Projects and Updates to their DeFi Portal to Enable Better Management of Yield Farming Opportunities. Check it out at https://www.eosx.io/defi

UpliftArt Releases More Details on the November 15th Series One Drop

My Bitcoin Bull, Vb‘ and ‘Serpent & The Wolf‘ Genesis Card Holders Received the First Ever Coordinated UpliftArt Airdrop to commemorate the new ‘I’m Not the Bubble’ Series One Drop to the Account in which they were held earlier today. You can see it happen live here, or view the asset by logging into your https://wax.atomichub.io/ with your WAX account. For those that may have missed this one, it is the first of many so if your interested be sure to pick up a copy of the Genesis assets listed above from the secondary markets on Atomichub.io.

“Associated Press voting data will be posted to Everipedia, a blockchain-based competitor to Wikipedia that uses software called an “oracle” to ensure the data that comes from outside the blockchain is accurate. Everipedia built its oracle using Chainlink, open-source software that uses the $4 billion link cryptocurrency as part of its consensus-building process.” (How to Track Official Election Results on Ethereum & EOS)

PredIQt IQ Brings Liquidity to Prediction Markets with their Automated Market Maker Mindswap: https://everipedia.org/blog/prediqt-brings-liquidity-to-prediction-markets-with-mindswap-our-automated-market-maker

Dark Country American Gothic Trading Card Game Turns 1 and releases their big roadmap for the project going forward: https://twitter.com/DarkCountryGame/status/1323978130650902528

Tribalbooks NFT Card Game from the Creators of Prospectors Coming to WAX: Anyobservation interviews Bonz Manifest to learn more

Metal Pay Responds to CZ’s Comment about a Blockchain Based Voting App Meaning Results for Elections Could be Tallied Right Away: https://twitter.com/metalpaysme/status/1324176319790403584

Block.One Still Accepting Submissions for the New Resource Proposal: https://twitter.com/block_one_/status/1322204561046732801

The battle for answers on EOS VC funding continues. Dan Larimer weighs in on past promises and many other offer up their thoughts on Twitter (https://twitter.com/bytemaster7/status/1323304973468377088)

Keep Your Eye on Regulations: Block.One, EOS VC, & Community Support (https://discussions.app/tag/all/1yirsm61z3zba/keep-your-eye-on-the-regulations-block-one-eos-vc-and-community-support)

Watch Mousing Around on Random Blockchain Socials with Jacques & Jimmy D for a pre-Voice view of what was then available in and around primarily the EOSIO space.


For those interested in the Uplift.art ”I’m Not the Bubble’ Series One Drop event, participation in future giveaways and the main event will require access to a WAX account. Don’t worry though, as it is one of the easiest on-boarding to blockchain you will ever experience. Check the following for more:

EOSIO Weekly

And don’t forget, every week you can interact with EOSIO Weekly on Chirp at https://chirp.la/channels/EOSIOweekly by dropping news stories you think worthy of coverage and a chance for some sweet Chirp Tips and other goodness depending upon the time and our mood.

Don’t forget to tune in next week as we continue on the path towards perfection in our relay of the key news and issues to fine tune in the EOS and EOSIO space.



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