EOSIO Weekly Featuring Danny from Dark Country

In this weeks episode Corey and Jimmy D are jump into some news headlines from around the EOSIO space, and there is quite a bit happening if you have not been paying attention.

Wrapping that up, or rather, as much as they could get through, Danny from Dark Country jumps on to give us all the scoop on what has been happening with this very exciting and innovative collectible card game built on WAX.io but incorporating so much more. And of course it wouldn’t really be an episode about Dark Country without us trying it out and trowing ourselves in the ring together for the first time ever in play. Simply jump in below to catch the replay from the front row.

Dark Country is based on the classic Collectible Card Games (TCG), but upgraded to the modern age with blockchain and the integration of NFT’s. It’s a free-to-play no barrier to entry game with a combination of different game genres and supports WAX with plans to support EOS, Ethereum, other networks in the near future.

Weekly News Stories

Boid Partners with BlockBase with goal of building a large scale multiplayer strategy game. The finer details are yet to be disclosed but what we do know is it will be a team type strategy game making use of NFTs for team prizes and overall game cosmetics through customization. Being stored on BlockBase and powered by the Boid Network, it is sure to be a pretty powerful and another interesting first in the space.

Genpool.io Spotlight: Interview with Colin Talks Crypto about the current state of the EOS main net and some both positively bullish and critically worrying views, thoughts, and solutions.

“The voting branch on EOS has been completely renewed in just a few weeks. This is not only thanks to the new votes of Block.One, but also to the DFS community proxy that continues to collect votes, and is now at 55M proxied EOS.” EOS Go: EOS Mainnet Voting Rally Proxies Continue

The genpoolproxy on GenerEOS offering 3.29% APR. Sign up for this or any of their other proxies at GenPool.io and get daily EOS + REX + GEN rewards deposited directly to your EOS account daily.

Land is Scarce. Land is Special. Land is Available for a Limited Time Only: The Alien Worlds Land Sale

Prospectors Boomtown Challenge Comes to an End and it was a both a resounding success and great test case for future Boomtown adaptations to the game: Tombstone Crossed the Finish Line

Bratz IP to join the WAX ecosystem: https://twitter.com/BlockchainCards/status/1333817187887312896

Tribal Books Lights the Secret Fire of Symbols and Announces NFTs Staking. All packs will be burned aproximately December 4th and gone FOREVER. See the countdown timer at tribalbooks.io.

Did you miss the EPIC Hero Report #23? The full replay is up with ALL the juicy details on what you can expect in the Blockchain Heroes First Strike series! Get all the juicy details from the First Strike Plan Revealed!

Uplift.Art Prosperity Pricing Haitian Roots Funding Sale Ending December 6th, 2020

UpliftArt ‘I’m Not the Bubble’ Series One Drop Discount Prosperity Pricing for Haitian Roots Ending December 6th, 2020

Shout out to Adrian Krion and friends over at Wombat featured in last weeks episode for their recognition from Block.One’s #BuiltOnEOSIO feature How Spielworks Built a Crypto Rewards and Loyalty Platform on EOSIO

Some pretty interesting community speculation on this Twitter thread announcing Binance P2P Adds Dai and Removes EOS. And yes, we realize this has no bearing on the main exchange, and no, we are not trying to FUD. Just so you get it we will help you read between the lines; it’s off the wall speculative comments to the post that we love.

And also just want to say thank you to Integral on Emanate (https://emanate.live/integral). Really digging their vibe when putting this all together. Let’s just say they were an integral part of this post ;D

EOSIO Weekly

And don’t forget, every week you can interact with EOSIO Weekly on Chirp at https://chirp.la/channels/EOSIOweekly by dropping news stories you think worthy of coverage and a chance for some sweet Chirp Tips and other goodness depending upon the time and our mood.

Don’t forget to tune in next week as we continue on the path towards perfection in our relay of the key news and issues to fine tune in the EOS and EOSIO space.




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