EOSIO Weekly Featuring Co-founder Adrian Krion of Wombat Wallet

Jimmy D
5 min readNov 27, 2020

In this weeks episode Corey and Jimmy D kick it off by going a little off script while discussing the ramifications of recent price moves by Bitcoin and EOS in particular, and dive into some thoughts concerning Block One and their long term position versus the critical eye of the broader community. To close out the session, they are joined by co-founder of Wombat Wallet Adrian Krion to talk about what they have been up to recently and where they are headed next. For any that have ever had doubts about the usability of EOS, this is one that you surely don’t want to miss.

Find Adrian Krion on Medium.

The Wombat wallet (https://www.getwombat.io/) is one of the only options that allows the creation of a FREE EOS account. The catch-22 here is that by utilizing the ‘free account method’ you will not be granted access to your private keys. Of course, Wombat does offer the option to pay a small fee and have the keys released to your full control. This will be necessary should you ever want to import your account into a desktop wallet such as Scatter.

The registration process is very simple. Start by downloading the app. From there you can create an account by logging into the app with Google, Facebook, or Twitter and agreeing to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Next you will need to select your backup location. This way should you loose your device you can recreate and access your account via Google Drive or Dropbox backup file within only your control.

Next you will need to choose a PIN to protect your account. Of course it is the modern age so should you prefer you can opt for a fingerprint or facial recognition ID for this step.

The final step is to choose an EOS account name. The account name must be 12 characters (letters, the numbers 1–5, or the . mark). Once you have chosen a name for your account you will get an the spot verification as to whether the name is available or not much like when you register for a new email account address. And that then will get you your free EOS account with some EOS resources covered for your day to day transactions.

For some however, you may wish to download and keep your private key. Although Wombat offers free and easy account creation, in order to gain access to this private key you have a couple of options: purchase access to the private key with a one time payment or to register for Wombat Prime for increased staked EOS and an add free viewing experience, to which at the end of a three month period with a small monthly fee the private key will be completely within your control.

To learn more or download Wombat Wallet on Google Play, the App Store, or Google Chrome Plug-in head on over to https://getwombat.io/

Originally published as part of How to Get an EOS Account on UplitDao.com

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