Chirpcast: Live with Special Guest Jimmy D

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Recently I had the honor and the pleasure to be hosted by Corey on Chirpcast. Although we have many mutual connections and cross over in various areas of the crypto and in particular EOS spaces, we have never actually had the chance to sit down together and discuss things relevant to our tailored personalities.

For the most part what appears here could just be chalked up to ramblings of a madman trying to find his place in this new era of crypto solidification in the world, but we did have a chance to touch base on some topics that are near and dear to me. Starting out with a little history on how I got into crypto and back into utilizing social media, moving towards discussions of DeFi on EOS and diving a little more closely into an introduction of the Vigor DAC and protocol, exploring the validity of the cause behind BOID, and lots of random Chirp and social media chat in between, this episode of Chirpcast was packed full of introductions to things still left unsaid and undone.

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See the Replay here:

Thanks to Corey for being such a great host, and I personally am looking forward to maybe jumping in again in the future and delving a little more deeply into some of the introductions explored today. That being said then, should there be any topics or clarifications that you wish we would have covered in this, please do drop those topics below and we shall try to visit them should I ever have to honor to jump in with Corey in the future again ;D

Corey, ≥ CHirp!!

Jimmy D

Vigor DAC & Protocol

The Vigor Protocol is a decentralized and fully automated borrow, lend, and Insure application on the EOS blockchain which allows users to unlock the value of their crypto.


Uplift Nation is a transparent blockchain network of non-profit organizations with a common goal to deliver the tools, education and resources that will help empower communities to become healthy, self-reliant and sustainable. UpliftDAO is the beginning phases of the social arm and UpliftArt the transparent support arm for all that Upliftnation is striving to enable and become.


Boid is a social computer dapp built on EOSIO technology. Boid is structured around seasons whereby teams compete with boidpower in a dedication of spare resources which are then dedicated towards performing complex algorithms and calculations geared towards coming up to solutions of pressing problems orientated around such things as medical, astronomical, climatological, machine learning, and Covid research.


EOS Go is the largest EOS community and the go to place for EOS projects, EOS tokens market cap rankings, EOS news and DApp explorer.

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