Center City: Where The Uplift Metaverse All Began

Where The Uplift Metaverse All Began: The Cathedral & Historic District

New Horizons to Explore Enticing the Creative & Sensual Side of Uplifter Life

  • wandering past the Cathedral’s monuments and reading all the people that have thrown their gratitudes big and small up there and witnessing your first ever in game sunrise.
  • climbing to the top of the Cathedral and hitting the ‘I was here and all I got was this crappy NFT’ button
  • having a gander around the first monuments and taking in the progression from what was before Cathedral 2.0
  • Heading underground and seeing the amazing mines that helped construct the first village
  • Seeing the possible detail when artists with creativity procure ideas to make their homes look more homely that you ever even thought was possible
  • taking the rail out to the burning man past all the scientific installments and witnessing where the first ever NFT plot of land and charity auction monument routine all began
  • wandering into the blue room and not only checking out some great works of blockchain art, but scanning a QR code right there in game and being instantly directed on over to the out of game asset at home right there on the blockchain
  • taking the water elevator ride of a life time down to the depth of the monument only to be blown away by a real live music playing giant red stone machine playing Stairway to Heaven
  • and honestly, even seeing all that we can assure you in the grand scheme of things, you ain’t seen nothing yet… and this is just the first of the worlds we will be introducing

Regional Synapsis

  • Sector: Center City
  • Sights: The Cathedral, Historic District, Blu Room & Lgnd.Art Art District, The Uplift.Art Auction Monuments, and much more
  • Mode: Creative, but historically speaking most builds done in creative. No mobs or fear of dying from lack of food or sustenance at present.
  • Permissions: Primarily View Only. Earn rewards for wandering, exploring, & attending events. But building here is for the time being off limits to the general public. A small portion of surveyed land however in the Art District will be up for sale for those who want to call this little slice home.




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