Boidcast S4, Ep 4: Featuring CEO and Co-Founder of Discussions App Jacques Xu

Jimmy D
4 min readJun 24, 2020


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In this installment of the Boid Season 4 Podcast, host Jimmy D is reunited with Co-Founder of and fellow EOS socialite Jacques Xu. Having not been the conversation these two have had, there is a lot going on in this episode, covering a broad range of topics related to EOSIO and projects within, how Boid fits in, and of course the past, present, and future of Discussions App. If you have ever wondered why the blockchain social space is so difficult to understand, how the future of integrated blockchain social media might appear, and some alternative perspectives on a few random but promising projects in the space, tune in below for topic packed yet casual fireside chat loaded with all the goods, and of course, a bit of randomness and surprise thrown in for good measure.–Jacques-Xu-efonm5/a-a2hc8kd

Discussions App

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If it’s your first time creating an account, it truly is as simple as it gets.

  1. Choose a display name and password
  2. Copy down the Briankey and secure it in a safe place. The ““Brainkey is the seed phrase from which your public-private key pairs are generated. You can restore the public-private key pairs from your Brainkey if you lose the keys. The Brainkey itself cannot be restored once lost!”
  3. Confirm the Brainkey phrase before the account is officially created

After joining Discussions you can search various topics by #tag. Be sure to check out #boid for the low down on all the community posts there. As mentioned in the podcast, it’s a pretty big Boid community over there with lots of posts. In addition, if you see something you like, boid is one of the few supported tokens in the Discussions App wallet meaning that you can both receive and tip in BOID as well as ATMOS, EOS, VIG, MPT, PUML, BBT, and KROWN.

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If your interested in reviewing the Discussions App open source code and potentially even implementing it into an ongoing or startup project, it can be found at You can also reach out to them directly for assistance or for answers to any questions you might have by sending a mail to

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For all those that took the time to tune in, thanks for your interest and support. Jimmy D will be back soon with more exciting stories from individuals, projects, and teams all connected and looking to make some real world differences through Boid Season 4. Keep your eyes peeled on the sources above as well as Jimmy D social pages listed below for the next installment of Boidcast.

On behalf of Boid Miners everywhere, this is your host Jimmy D signing off till next time. Keep that CPU & GPU dedicated power pumping!

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